Our Vision

Meridian Forest Services Ltd was founded with the vision and dedication of providing quality, efficient and safe Forest Resource Management services to the private and Crown sectors of the Canadian Forest Industry.

Our vision is achieved by ensuring our professional team at Meridian Forest Services Ltd. produce diligent plans and products that are: effective, efficient, legally and environmentally sound, and can be implemented safely.

We believe that by attaining our vision, we help our clients achieve their company goals and targets which allow them the flexibility to fulfill their commitment with their customers.

Our Values

Meridian Forest Services Ltd is committed to being diligent leaders in Forest Stewardship. We are environmentally and socially responsible for the management of our forest resources in order to maintain and enhance the values of the forest for present and future generations. We are governed by provincial and federal legislation and are guided by a professional body: the Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals (ABCFP). We endorse and implement best management practices within our industry to protect key environment resources: air, land and water.

Our customer’s satisfaction is our primary focus at Meridian Forest Services Ltd. We appreciate the fact that our clients request our service by choice. At Meridian, our team shares the responsibility to maintain our customer’s loyalty and trust by listening, observing, learning, responding to their requests and exceeding their expectations. We strive to make our client successful in every facet of their business by providing quality, efficient and timely resource management services. We deliver on our commitments with integrity.

At Meridian Forest Services Ltd., our commitment to quality and productivities set us apart from our competition. Quality control is essential in ensuring our products are socially and environmentally acceptable and, at the same time, realistic with achievable results. We focus on peer reviews, audits, communication and training as key elements in our quality control system. Our company is innovative and aspires to continually improve our products and services.

At Meridian Forest Services Ltd, leadership and teamwork is important. We provide our team with a clear vision of where the company is going, and the steps required to achieve our corporate vision. We are a company that appreciates the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise. At Meridian, we treat one another with respect and communicate openly while maintaining individual accountability.

Meridian has developed key relationships with numerous professional organizations within the forest industry. We work together to produce quality products for our customers.

Recent Projects

  • TimberWest - Engineering (East Coast Vancouver Island)
  • Huu-ay-aht First Nation - Community Forest and First Nation Woodlands Tenure Engineering
  • Western Forest Products - Engineering (Port Alberni, Gold River, Mainland Coast)
  • Island Timberlands - Engineering
  • Hancock Forest Management - Engineering
  • Alberni Community Forest - Engineering
  • BC Timber Sales - Strait of Georgia, Port Alberni Field Team - Engineering