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Multiphase Forest Engineering

Meridian Forest Services Limited has over 17 years’ experience managing Multi-phase Forest Engineering Contracts for both Private and Crown clients on the coast of British Columbia.  Our team of forest engineers are experienced with all Coastal British Columbia harvest systems including: Skidder, Hoe Chuck, Grapple, High-lead, Long Line, Yoader, Steep Slope Harvesters, Helicopter and Single Stem Development.

Meridian takes a systematic approach when developing harvest areas to ensure all forest resources are identified and managed diligently. We use Light Detection and Ranging (LiDar) technology for preliminary planning to determine harvest boundaries, road locations and deflection analysis for cable harvest systems. Meridian conducts initial timber reconnaissance and cut block engineering, manages field assessments, completes road designs and timber cruising. We prepare and submit Road and Cutting Permits for approval by government agencies. 

Meridian provides the following additional forest engineering services:

  • Timber Reconnaissance Evaluation
  • Urban Interface Harvest Development
  • Natural Resource Field Assessments (Windthrow, Riparian, Gully)
  • Permits and Application preparation for Federal and Provincial Government Agencies as per applicable regulations (Section 11 Notifications, BC Hydro and Ministry of Transportation)
  • Longline Harvesting Assistance (locating, assessing and approving back-spar trees and rock anchors)
  • Small Scale Salvage Development (windthrow)

Meridian’s products include:

  • Forest Road Designs (profiles, plans, earthworks and cross sections) 
  • Operational Plans (Road Construction and Harvest)
  • Cutting and Road Permits