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Wildlife and Danger Tree Assessment

Meridian Forest Services Limited provides “Wildlife and Danger Tree Assessments-WDTA” for Parks & Recreation Facilities and for Forest Harvesting & Silviculture Operations.

Our experienced Certified Wildlife and Danger Tree Assessors conduct site and individual tree assessments to determine if a tree is safe or dangerous. Depending on the activities and targets of the site, we can prescribe tree management strategies and options for our clients.  By conducting annual Wildlife and Danger Tree Assessments, Meridian assists clients in providing a Standard of Care whereby ensuring a safe environment for workers and visitors of their facilities while maintaining integral wildlife trees and habitat features.

Meridian provides Wildlife and Danger Tree Assessments for Federal, Provincial and Private facilities or operations including:

  • Campgrounds (buildings, theatres, washrooms, campsites and RV sani-stations)
  • Parks and Day Use Areas (washrooms, picnic areas and parking lots)
  • Ski Resorts (facilities and ski-runs)
  • Golf Courses (facilities and fairways)
  • Boat Launches
  • Hiking Trails
  • Rest Stops (washrooms and parking lots)
  • Wild-play Areas (zip-lines)
  • Playgrounds
  • Lookouts and Viewpoints
  • Public Beaches 
  • Roads (primary and secondary roads)
  • Silviculture Management Areas (planting, forest health herbicide, and pile burning)
  • Timber Harvest Areas (helicopter landings, windthrow salvage and leave trees)
  • Retention of Bear Dens and Nests